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(or certificate for Self-Defense Training)

Mary Taylor is a CHL license holder and a champion for 2nd Amendment rights in Ohio. Mary Taylor stood her ground against special interest and the political establishment. When Mary Taylor becomes Ohio’s next Governor, Second Amendment supporters can rest assured knowing they have a friend in the Governor’s office. Mary Taylor worked tirelessly to pass the key legislation that created Ohio’s concealed carry license.

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Conservative Reformer

  • Stood up to her own party and refused to vote for tax increases.
  • First CPA in Ohio history to serve as Auditor of State.
  • As Insurance Commissioner, fought for the repeal of Obamacare while working to make Ohio’s insurance marketplace competitive.
  • Predicted Ohio’s $8 billion budget shortfall and challenged the status quo.

Jobs Experience

  • Instrumental in passing tax reform that reduced personal income taxes by 21% and helped spur job creation.
  • Helped bring nearly 460,000 jobs back to Ohio.
  • Fought for jobs in Ohio – not south of the border.
  • Taylor spearheaded Ohio’s Common Sense Initiative (CSI) which has reviewed over 10,000 business impacting regulations and changed or eliminated 61% of them.

Strong Leader & Proven Winner

  • Mary Taylor helped restore conservative governance to Ohio after tax-and-spend politicians pushed Ohio to the fiscal breaking point.
  • Has never lost a campaign.
  • Won her first legislative race in a deeply “blue” District.
  • Only Republican to win statewide in 2006, a landslide Democrat election year.